This coming weekend sees the 40 year old boxing veteran Luis Ramon Campas (100-16-1, 79) fighting in his 118th bout as he travels to Queensland, Australia to face Les Sherrington (28-6, 17) a man a decade his junior.

Campas, better known as "Yori Boy" started his career an amazing 25 years ago debuting back in 1987 as a 15 year old kid. Aged just 19 Campas won his first title, the Mexican Welterweight title. After an amazing 56 fight winning streak (with 50KO's) to start his career Campas lost for the first time when fought Felix "Tito" Trinidad for the IBF Welterweight title back in 1994. Despite dropping Tito in the 2nd round and with Tito being deducted a point in round 3 for low blows, Campas himself was stopped in round 4 under a volley of shots from Trinidad. Sadly Campas took a number of clean solid, hard shots to the head before the stoppage but refused to go down.

After adding 8 more wins to his record to move to 64-1 Campas fought in his second world title bout, this time against Jose Luis Lopez the then WBO Welterweight champion. Against Lopez, Campas was retired on his stool after 5 rounds, suffering just his second loss. Sadly, like most of Campas' losses his lack of a defence and teak toughness saw him taking more shots than he really needed to take.

Following the loss to Lopez, Campas moved up the Light Middleweight. As a Light Middleweight Campas captured the IBF world title by stopping Raul Marquez, he then went on to successfully defend the title 3 time. Campas lost his title in his 4th defence as he faced the then unbeaten Fernando Vargas who was simply too good, too powerful and too fast. Against Vargas a swollen and bloody Campas retired in his corner after 7 rounds. The loss to Vargas saw Campas' record falling to 72-3.

Campas continued to campaign at Light Middleweight as a credible challenger for world champions but suffered losses every time he stepped up a level losing to the likes of Oba Carr (TKO8), Daniel Santos (TKO11)-in a WBO Light Middleweight title fight and Oscar De La Hoya (TKO7)-in a WBC/WBA Light Middleweight title fight.

Since losing to De La Hoya back in 2003 Campas has fallen to acting more of a gate keeper than contender and has lost at a much more regular rate. In fact since 2003 Campas has lost to Eric Regan (UD12), Matt Vanda (SD12), John Duddy (UD12),     Eromosele Albert (UD12), Amin Asikainen (TKO7), Matthew Macklin (Pts 10), Saul Roman (TKO9), Marcos Reyes (MD12), Hector Camacho Jr (SD10) an Jorge Cota (TKO8). Taking a lot of punishment combined in those bouts.

Amazingly Campas scored his 100th win earlier this year defeating Mauro Lucero to become what many feel is "The Last Centurion" of boxing. Sadly Campas hasn't the money to walk away from the sport and sadly he lacks the education that he'd need to get a "normal" job, meaning he is sadly trapped doing what he knows. Hopefully someone can help Campas out of the sport before he becomes another tragedy but sadly the length of his career and the amount of punishment he's taken will have taken it's toll on him.

Hopefully the bout with Sherington will pay nicely for a man who really needs to hang them up before he's seriously injured.

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