This past weekend saw the boxing world's attention forced on Adrien Broner as the brash American defended his WBC Lightweight title against brave Welshman Gaving Rees. With everyone focused on this bout it was easy to forget that there was actually a second world title fight the same night in Mexico with Jonathan Romero and Alejandro Lopez fighting for the IBF Super Bantamweight title.

With the eyes of the world off him, this allowed judge James Bagshaw to hand in arguably the worst card of the year scoring the Romero v Lopez bout as a win for Lopez by the simply mind boggling score of 115-112. Whilst Romero did lose a point in the final round he thoroughly dominated Lopez with his speed, accuracy and technique and in no conceivable way did Lopez get close to winning 7 rounds, in fact it'd be hard to give him more than 2 rounds.

With Lopez v Romero fight in my mind at the moment it seemed only fair to go through the scoring record of Bagshaw which we can date back to the mid 1990's.

The first really notable bout on Bagshaw's "judging record" was his first world title bout back in 1999 which saw Paul Ingle out point Manuel Medina for the IBF Featherweight title. Although Bagshaw did get the right winner for that bout, it was hard to get that wrong, though Bagshaw's card did give little credit to Medina (with the Bagshaw only scoring round 12, a 10-8 round, to Medina) whilst the other judges gave Medina a bit more credit for a brave effort in a very memorable bout.

We've got to be honest though, Bagshaw does have a solid record and may have just been having a bad night, though we will be keeping a watchful eye on him next time he judges in Mexico because this card has really raised eye brows from us.

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    This part of our site looks at the most bizarre and twisted score card (or refereeing decision) of the week. If you will, this is the hall of shame for the judges and referees in our great sport.


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