I'm sorry for using another picture here instead of a clip but this poster for a recent German show really caught my eye.

Most people may not immediately understand what makes this suitable for weird boxing, but what you need to do is have a a look at Felix Lamm (bottom left) you'll notice....he's wearing glasses.

I have nothing against people wearing glasses (would be a bit stupid considering I need them for my own myopia) but wearing them on a fight poster, really?

What makes this even funnier however is that it appears Lamm wasn't even on the show in the end. Poor guy, being caught wearing glasses and then dropped from the card!

As I've mentioned in a previous post I've been busy the past few weeks with other projects including an Asian boxing project. Whilst catching up on some recent action from the Orient I was "treat" to something shown on TBS (Tokyo Broadcasting System).

In Japan TBS are the broadcasters behind 3-weight world champion Koki Kameda and his brothers (Daiki and Tomoki). Whilst Koki is certainly the most well known the other two both have their fans. Tomoki has really created a fan base in Mexico with his "Mexican" style whilst Daiki has created an unusual following thanks to his unusual post-fight celebration.

Unlike the big names in the States who call out their next opponent and big themselves up (see Adrien Broner's disgraceful interview after the recent Paul Malignaggi fight) Daiki has been singing to the fans.

Whilst we all know Manny Pacquiao has a reputation as a singer and Tyson Fury has also been trying to impress with his voice, Daiki has been doing his in-ring post-fight sing for years as this clip from 2006 shows.

We need to say thanks to togikame for unloading the clip
You may have noticed over the past few months that this site has been getting up dated less and less frequently. For that I am incredibly sorry. I've recently been running several new projects and been able to spend less time on various sites. Sadly that has seen weird boxing taking a back seat.

The problem has been that my other projects are time sensitive. I.e. Previews for next weeks fights or yesterday's results, things that are only important for a small window of time. That has meant that Weird Boxing, which is much less time sensitive has been sat on the back burner for a bit.

One of my new projects is focused almost entirely on Asian Boxing and whilst for most that's nothing too exciting it has helped bring along some weird and aspects of Asian boxing, including some very bizarre photographs and pictures (yes folks, sorry this isn't an actual clip) of future Super Middleweight world title contender Yuzo Kiyota.

Kiyota, a hard hitting Japanese fighter is currently preparing for a title shot at Robert Stieglitz. He is seen as a massive under-dog though oddly he seems to have a fascination with dogs (I assume has has several as pets), having his face plastered on things and a weird Jesus lookey like.

If you feel like a giggle I advise you check out the pictures at http://flash-akabane.com/y_kiyota/y_kiyota.html

    The Other Moments

    Of course our great sport is about the fighters and them fighting. Sometimes however the most bizarre moments happen outside the confines of the actual sport. Whether it's an interview gone wrong, a corner man gone crazy or a fighter in the wild we hope you enjoy these clips as much as you enjoy the rest of the site.


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