Some adverts are just weird and recently we stumbled on this excellent but weird McDonald's advert from the Philippines which features none other than Filipino star Nonito Donaire.

We're unsure on when the advert was first released though we assume, from the upload date, that it was last year. The one thing we are sure about is that we don't want to steal Nonito's fries, he'll likely catch us with a wicked left hook whilst we're still stuffing our faces.

(Video courtesy of McDo Philippines)
We're huge fans of songs about boxing and collection there is growing quite rapidly though one of our new favourites is "Mike Tyson Quotes" by Bandcamp, a song entirely made from Mike Tyson quotes. On paper Might seem simple and stupid but it's actually quite funny, catchy and well worth a listen by any boxing fan.

The video comes courtesy of JustDaveMusic
It's not often that you get to laugh at a crazy and foul mouthed Italian but the ever shouty Enzo Calzaghe has given us several opportunities to do so over the last year or so with "interesting" adverts for products ranging from natural supplements, to energy drinks to even a high street bookie. Yes, Enzo is an advertising genius (well something like that) as you'll see in the videos below.

Credit goes to-
Steve Sims (for the top video)
EnzoCalzaghe (second video)
and Coral Bookmakers (for the bottom video)

Kameda Roll



Courtesy of Kameda Shop
Whilst we don't have a clip for this we do have a delightful photograph of what maybe one of the most obscure boxing related products. The Kameda Roll.

The Kameda family, the first in history in to feature 3 simultaneous world champions have extended their empire beyond boxing and now sell items of food, including the Kameda Roll. From what we gather the "Kameda Roll" is a melon and bread roll that is eaten chilled. We're unsure of where it is sold though we do admit that it doesn't appeal to our taste buds, even with the Kameda name on it.

Courtesy of
In the past on this site we've seen Ali advertising pest control though one thing we didn't expect to see was referee Tony Weeks (and Steve Cunningham and BJ Flores) advertising Audi. That however is exactly what has happened in the last week or so.

The advert, featuring the three men mentioned above sees Flores and Cunningham competing in a mock bout before Cunningham comes out on top. Despite the fact it's referee Weeks that takes centre stage with the advert focusing on him and the power the referee has.

The advert it's self, for Audi's new RS 6 Avant, plays on the idea of power not always being in the most obvious place and is already playing on TV with many really complementing it's idea and the fact they didn't use actors in it. Well done Audi I guess!

Video below is thanks to AudiChannel.

It's never every day you heart Muhammad Ali, "The Greatest", admit that he needs help with things. Beck in the 1970's however he openly admitting he need help.

Ali was telling us all that whilst he was able to cope with anything on 2 legs he wasn't as good with things that had 6 legs and instead he needed the help of "d-CON" to rid him of roaches (no, not Freddie!).

Ali not only did photograph style adverts (see the picture) but also featured in television adverts for the brand (see below thanks to commercialclassic).

Oddly whilst Big George and his grills are widely remembered not many really recall Ali's roach killing traps and sprays. Despite the forgotten link D-con do continue to market traps, though they've turned their deadly attention to mice. I assume they found out that roaches are indestructible (a bit like Ali's chin).

Note-there were at least 2 Ali adverts for "D-Con". The one below is for the spray whilst the other one is for the traps (that you can see in the picture above)

A week ago we featured a clip of Samart Payakaroon doing "The Matrix" against Juan Meza. Payakaroon now gets a second entry into weird boxing thanks to this clip from Thai movie "The Bodyguard" (2006).

The movie, despite it's title, isn't a remake of the US smash but is an action comedy that everyone should watch, especially for scenes like the one below.

Amazingly the film features not only Samart but also both Galaxy brothers. I don't think any other movie has such an illustrious cast of boxers.

Whilst the clip, thanks to mrsierraleone007, has very little to actually do with boxing it still seems worth of a place in weird boxing because it's Samart, who looks amazing for a man in his mid 40's, it's funny and because it's a a bit of fun from one of the great Muay Thai fighters of all time
Courtesy of Amazon and Victor Japan
Having recently watch Pongsaklek Wonjongkam v Daisuke Naito I I decided to have a look at wait Naito has been up to in recent years.

Amazingly what I found was that Naito had been as busy outside of the ring since he first faced Wonjongkam as the Thai had been inside the ring.

TV, radio, advertising, books and most interestingly a single.

Released in 2009 Naito's single, a duet with Kato Natsuki, was used as the theme tune to "Keroro Gunso the Super Movie 4: Gekishin Dragon Warriors".

Although the "Sgt. Frog" (or "Keroro Gunsō") series is beyond me it's apparently a very popular manga in Japan which has also received some attention in the US. From the theme tune it certainly sounds like it could be a fun show and at the time of writing all 5 of the "Super Movie's" are available online with English subtitles.

For those interested in listening to the track, you can watch the opening of the movie-with the song, below, thanks to OceanxPlushie and my buddy @asianboxing.

Later today the unbeaten Christina Hammer will be defending her Middleweight titles against Mikaela Lauren. Interest in the bout was actually quite high to begin with (considering it is female boxing) but was piqued significantly at the weigh in.

If you want to know can just look over to the side and see the picture!

Lauren (the blonde) seemed to go in for a kiss, something that we saw Derrick Chisora do against Vitali Klitschko.

Instead of getting annoyed or moving away Hammer seemed to erm, do we say this...enjoy it?

It's fair to say that if anything is going to catch the public's attention for female boxing, two attractive, bikini clad ladies kissing may just do it!

It's very rare that the two best fighters in any division ever meet. One rare occasion was "The Battle of the Z Boys".

The bout, oddly a 10-round none title bout featured both the unbeaten WBC Bantamweight Carlos Zarate (then 45-0, 44) and the then unbeaten WBA champion Alfonso Zamora (then 29-0, 29).

Yes you did read that right the men had a combined record of 74-0 (73). The men were amongst the hardest punchers in boxing history and by the time they'd both retired they'd only had 4 decision victories combined from an amazing 99 combined victories.

As most would expect this bout didn't go the distance, though lets be honest that wouldn't be anything to earn a place on "Weird Boxing" (despite the amazing records of the two men). No, what earns "The Battle of the Z Boys" a place on weird boxing is the 4th man in the ring.

Yes the 4th man in the ring.

After less than a minute of the bout a member of the crowd rushed into the ring apparently drunk. This forced the referee to bring the action to a stop whilst he was dealt with.

Within seconds of the action stopping a troop of armed police stormed the ring as he was trying to talk. I might be wrong but I think he was trying to say "I'm so sorry, I thought my trousers were in here". Whatever he did say didn't seem to do him any favours as the police forcefully removed him, effectively tossing him out of the ring and dragging him along the apron before carting him off like a very naughty boy.

As soon as the man was removed the two men got straight back to work landing bombs on each other as they continued the bout as if nothing happened.

The video of the incident, and the first 2 rounds can be seen below thnaks to C4N1T01976.

    The Other Moments

    Of course our great sport is about the fighters and them fighting. Sometimes however the most bizarre moments happen outside the confines of the actual sport. Whether it's an interview gone wrong, a corner man gone crazy or a fighter in the wild we hope you enjoy these clips as much as you enjoy the rest of the site.


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