Through out the history of boxing we've had some bizarre records made for one reason or another but for me the most bizarre is the record held by little known Mexican Arturo Mayan who holds the record for the shortest career of any world title challenger at just 90 seconds.

Mayan would be the first challenger to Puerto Rican Alex Sanchez (who had won the belt just weeks earlier) and would be shown to be completely inept almost from the opening bell. It didn't take long for Mayan to turn his back on the champion forcing referee Ismael W. Fernandez to wave the bout off and effectively end Mayan's career with a record of 0-1.

Whilst Mayan's career may have been one of the very shortest and least memorable in title hisotry Sanchez himself went on to a have fruitful career. Sanchez would defend his title 5 more times before running into the legendary Ricardo “Finito” Lopez in a WBO/WBC unification bout. Sadly after being stopped by Lopez Sanchez was never the same fighter winning only 6 of his following 13 to leave his record at 31-8-1 (21).