We at weirdboxing.info love journeymen, they are the lifeblood of our sport and the men willing to step in at little notice to save the show. They are the men who don't mind a loss, in fact many journeymen are proud just to be part of the sport win or lose. Despite the need for journeymen no one in the sport likes to be known as a tomato can or a bum-a professional loser if you will. Though in former Romanian Alexandru Manea we may have found the ultimate "Professional loser" in professional boxing history.

Alexandru Manea made his professional debut in September 2000 losing a 4 round decision to Austrian Middleweight Gotthard Hinteregger. Some 11 years later and after 53 fights Manea hung up his gloves with the bizarre record of 0-53. Yes 0 wins 53 losses. A record we believe could well be the "worst" record with out a single win in professional boxing.

Although most boxing fans won't have heard of Manea he has fought some recognisable opponents most notably Arthur Abraham the former IBF Middleweight Champion. Though others have included former European Light Middleweight contender Hussein Bayram, current world ranked Light Middleweight Sebastien Madani (who is the WBC #35 ranked fighter), former WBO "interim" title challenger Andras Galfi and former Julio Cesar Chavez Jr opponent Tobia Giuseppe Loriga.

Amazingly despite 53 losses Manea's career has taken him through out almost all of mainland europe including Spain, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France, Hungary, Italy, Slovakia, Belgium, Poland and The Netherlands. Shockingly not once did Manea fight in his homeland meaning he really did live up to the title of "journeyman".