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In boxing the weirdest records often belong to journeymen who have either run up a lot of losses or done something equally bizarre. For example we'd like to introduce you the Heavyweight journeyman Zuri Lawrence (24-15-4-1).

Lawrence, who fought between 1994-2009 fought an impressive 43 times a professional and fought a list of established opponents including the likes of Maurice Harris (in Lawrence's debut), Darroll Wilson, David Bostice, Paolo Vidoz, Tony Thompson, Ray Austin, Timo Hoffman, Sultan Ibragimov, Jameel McCline, Calvin Brock, Dominick Guinn, Hasim Rahman and Albert Sosnowski. In fact impressively Lawrence actually Vidoz and Sosnowski and drew with Austin which showed he could box.

Of course he wouldn't be on this site for his record unless there was something weird about it and there was. In 24 wins Lawrence failed to score a single stoppage. Sure he could box, but it appeared that he simply could not punch.

Whilst he failed to score any stoppages himself, sadly his opponents weren't so nice and he was stopped 8 times in his career (and surprisingly had 11 bouts finish early including a 2 DQ victories and a No Contest).

Despite standing at an impressive 6'4" and around 235lbs Lawrence appears to have been a bit of a pussycat inside the ring ropes.