Ali Raymi



If you've been on almost any boxing forum recently you'll have struggled to have avoided the name of Ali Raymi, the Yemeni Minimumweight destroyer who recently set a world record for most opening round KO's to begin a boxing career.

Raymi, who scored his 20th straight opening round victory this past weekend, broke the previous record of Tyrone Brunson, who himself had amassed 19 opening round victories to begin his career.

Whilst some on forums are against celebrating Raymi's achievement I'll admit I'm a big fan of it. Although I'll admit I'm being an ass I love this as a big "F-You" to Tyrone Brunson who's own record seems to have been done merely to spite Edwin Valero who of course had become an internet darling on his own run of opening round stoppages.

Arguably the most interesting things about Raymi's record is that all 20 of his fights have come against unbeaten men and none of those men he has beaten have gone on to fight again. It appears that Raymi isn't just a streak destroyer but also, a career destroyer!