On May 8th 1992 a little known Croatian journeyman called Dinko Porobija (0-14) fought for the final time as a professional, ending a career that had began in 1988. The man he faced that day fought only once, it was an Austrian man called Felix Baumgartner (1-0, 1).

Now you're almost certainly going "I recognise that name" (and probably "I recognise that picture") and you'd be right. The same man who made his professional boxing debut stopping Dinko Porobija was the man watched by the world as he parachuted from the edge of space.

Although Felix's boxing career (which lasted just a round) was nothing memorable, his now infamous "Red Bull Stratos" stunt was something that will live long in the memory of everyone who saw it. So whilst I'm on the subject of records, Felix currently holds, as we know, the highest parachute jump, the quickest free fall jump, the highest altitude jump, the highest manned balloon flight and the most watch simulcast in youtube history.

He also holds the record as the most famous non-boxing Austrian Boxer of all time!

Felix's boxrec can be found here.



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