There are lots of things in life that I love. Chocolate, ice cream, alcohol and naked ladies, though few things compare with the unpredictable nature of South American boxing.

One of the most bizarre bouts we've found from South America was a 2011 clash between Alfredo Brigido Ruiz Diaz (then 5-3, 2) and Aldo Federico Maciel (then 3-2, 3). This all Argentinian bout was held in Maciel's home town of Formasa and fought at the the Formasa Estadio del Bicentenario (not to be confused with the beautiful Estadio San Juan del Bicentenario).

What seemed like a bout between 2 pretty poor level Argentinian sluggers ended up in what could only be termed a brawl but not between the two fighters who ended up standing next to each other as the fans took over the ring, threw plastic chairs at each other and generally acted like thugs. This forced the referee to call off the contest in the 6th round and call a no contest, likely saving Maciel from a loss.

Sadly since this bout Maciel hasn't fought again and Diaz has gone 1-1-2 (he returns at the weekend to face Icho Larenas).

The video below is thanks to FormosaDeportiva and shows some of the action and the very peculiar ending

10 rounds of 2? What are you...women?



If you see a bout listed for 10 rounds of 2 minutes the normal thought is that it's a women's title bout. This past Friday however there was, what is thought to be the first ever, mens bout scheduled for 10 rounds of 2 minutes.

The bout, which took place in Sweden, was originally scheduled for 8 rounds of 3 but after a back and forth with the local authorities (in this case the Martial Arts Delegation and the Swedish Boxing Federation) the WBC sanctioned the bout for 10 rounds of 2 minutes.

At stake was the lightly regarded WBC International Silver Welterweight title with local fighter Patrick Bogere (12-2, 3) taking on the unbeaten Patrick Allotey (28-0, 22) of Ghana.

Unfortunately for Bogere (who was a big betting favourite) it wouldn't have mattered on how long the bout was as the Ugandan born Swede was stopped in the 6th round by Allotey,

Despite entering as the champion Allotey had been written off, he has now made 2 defenses of the belt with this one certainly being a bit more memorable than his previous one (a 12 round decision over Ben Ankrah back in September 2012).

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In a bit of a special attraction fans at a recent show in New Zealand got see two "little men" don the gloves and go at each other.

On the undercard of Joseph Parker's bout with Frans Botha, Matthew Wood, a former body builder took on fellow short parson Colin Lane in what was the debut of both men.

Lane, aged 43, gave up smoking for the bout and although he looked a little weathered chubby he had apparently trained well. Wood, 37, however looked baby faced and looked both confident and mean.

The bout, dubbed as being for the "New Zealand Dwarf Boxing Championship of the World" was certainly a curiosity bout.

Fought in amateur style headgear and over 3 rounds of 2 minutes, the fight started in highly a entertaining fashion with Lane loading up on every shot and sending himself in to pirouettes after every one. The round was the most entertaining despite lacking plenty in terms of "boxing" quality.

The second round was much more technically pleasing though was far less entertaining as the hard looking Lane managed to sort his footing out and land his shots with out spending himself spinning. The lack of jab from both men was apparent as they both connected with straight right hands as pretty much their only shots.

In the final round it was obvious that both men had started to tire, unfortunately for Colin Lane his exhaustion was much more telling than Matthew Woods who managed to continue to land right hands as he mauled Lane to claim the decision.

The "special attraction" may well be one of the most bizarre fights we've seen but is certainly worth a watch if you ever get the chance...even if it is just for the opening round.

Special thanks to Ryan Bivins for the video below.

2013-06-13 Matthew Wood vs Colin Lane by sweetboxing12