John Mark Apolinario v Menard Zaragosa



Later this week Filipino Bantamweight John Mak Apolinario (17-2-1, 4) faces Panamanian Robert Vasquez (32-5, 22) for the WBA "Interim" Bantamweight title. For hardcore boxing fans, Vasquez is a familiar fighter having once been the WBA Light Flyweight champion and also the WBA "interim" Flyweight title. However Apolinario is, well, obscure to say the least.

Thankfully despite being almost unknown by the boxing world at large Apolinario has been involved in a bout worthy of and rather amazingly it was his most recent bout as he faced Menard Zaragosa (currently 5-9, 3, but then 5-4, 3).

After the second round of bout between Apolinario and Zaragosa, Zaragosa charged from the ring and made a bee line for the toilets. The excellent reported that Zaragosa "shockingly sprinted faster than Usain Bolt from the ring towards the public restrooms, being disqualified by the referee". (Although have the win down as a 2nd round retirement).

Presumably after just 6 minutes of action Zaragosa realised that he'd "forgot to go" prior to the bout. A rather embarrassing way to lose a fight, however it'd probably be less embarrassing than winning with skid-marks.

Sadly, I like obscure bouts but this appears to have been to obscure for anyone to have caught on film. However if anyone does have it on film and wishes to share it, then let me know (leave a comment, or e-mail )
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