10 rounds of 2? What are you...women?



If you see a bout listed for 10 rounds of 2 minutes the normal thought is that it's a women's title bout. This past Friday however there was, what is thought to be the first ever, mens bout scheduled for 10 rounds of 2 minutes.

The bout, which took place in Sweden, was originally scheduled for 8 rounds of 3 but after a back and forth with the local authorities (in this case the Martial Arts Delegation and the Swedish Boxing Federation) the WBC sanctioned the bout for 10 rounds of 2 minutes.

At stake was the lightly regarded WBC International Silver Welterweight title with local fighter Patrick Bogere (12-2, 3) taking on the unbeaten Patrick Allotey (28-0, 22) of Ghana.

Unfortunately for Bogere (who was a big betting favourite) it wouldn't have mattered on how long the bout was as the Ugandan born Swede was stopped in the 6th round by Allotey,

Despite entering as the champion Allotey had been written off, he has now made 2 defenses of the belt with this one certainly being a bit more memorable than his previous one (a 12 round decision over Ben Ankrah back in September 2012).

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