Franklin Egobi v Amosa Zinck



Fights can end for any number of reasons though we tend to think that the ending of the 2012 Heavyweight clash between Franklin Egobi and Amosa Zinck may well be amongst the most bizarre.

Pre-bout the fighters had taken blood tests and Zinck had tested positive for Hepatitis C. For those not aware of what Hep. C is it's a disease that effects the liver and can, in extreme cases lead to liver cancer or cirrhosis and require a transplant and is passed by blood-to-blood.

Despite the fact Zinck tested positive for the disease the then 39 year old was allowed to get in the ring with Egobi (we're not sure if Egobi himself knew, or for that matter whether Zinck even knew).

Zinck suffered a cut in the opening round and at the end of the round the Dr called an end to proceedings despite the cut not being "fight ending". Of course the ending of the fight "made sense" due to the way Hep C is spread though the bout actually left more questions than answers, such as the very frank "what the fuck were Professional Boxing & Combat Sports Board of Victoria doing letting him in the ring?"

If the Professional Boxing & Combat Sports Board of Victoria had just an ounce of sanity they would have clearly prevented Zinck from stepping in the ring and fighting. Yet instead they waited until Zinck was cut before ending the bout in what must surely be one of the most laughably stupid moves in Australian boxing history,

The official result (which was up for question due to the very unique ending) was officially ruled a 1 round TKO for Egobi, though probably should have stood as a No Contest or a Technical Draw due to the very extreme situation.

Since this bout Zinck has, rather wisely, hung up his gloves whilst Egobi has fought just once losing to Solomon Haumono in an Australian title fight.

We've received a second story regarding this bout. The second story is that the blood test was sent off to be tested. Up on the test coming back positive the Dr of the fight was sent the results by text and then forced an ending to the bout.

If this story is correct then we again need to ask what the body were up to sanctioning a bout where they hadn't had medicals results before allowing the fighters in to the ring. It's a disgrace and leaves the body up for the same sort of questioning as they'd have had if the original story was true.

Despite the two stories, we'd go with the first one being the most creditable thanks to it being reported on the excellent (
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