Polish Heavyweight Tomasz Bonin (41-3, 22) is relatively well known by boxing fans for two fights against British fighters. In the summer of 2004 a then unbeaten (26-0) Bonin came to London and faced a then 16-0 Audley Harrison in a bout for the World Boxing Foundation Heavyweight title. In that bout Audley stopped Bonin in 9 rounds.

Less than 3 years after losing to Audley, Bonin again traveled to London, England and was again stopped, this time inside a round by the then Cruiserweight kingpin David "The Hayemaker" Haye (who at the time of writing seems to be having fun in an Australian jungle).

Interestingly in his fight before facing Haye, Bonin faced a Slovakian debutant known as Pavel Silvin (0-1). Silvin was genuinely a scary looking bloke, stood at over over 6 foot, with deep set eyes, a shaved head and an angry looking face. To be honest he looked every bit like the stereo typical escaped mental patient, almost as if he'd punched himself out of the hospital that he was being held in.

Sadly Silvin's only real quality was that he looked the part. When it came to boxing he seemed to have genuinely no idea what he was doing in a ring. Within seconds of the opening bell Silvin was pioretting and falling face first on to the canvas, walking around like a man who had gotten lost on his way to the local park and turning all the way around time and time again. What made the bout even funnier was that he actually dropped Bonin inside a minute.

Sadly after dropping Bonin Silvin really did little of note other than act like the crown prince of the ring with punches so wide that he could have hit the crowd, who at times can be heard loudly reacting to the farce in front of them.

Thankfully, for those in attendance this farce only went on for a round and a bit before referee Grzegorz Molenda could mount a rather slow 10 count to Silvin who appeared relieved it was all over.

Thankfully, despite this fight taking place in Poland, Polsat were nice enough to show the fight (on the undercard of Krzysztof Wlodarczyk v Steve Cunningham I) and as a result youtube user 14caratboxing has been able to upload it for us all to watch (both clips were uploaded by the same user).

John Mark Apolinario v Menard Zaragosa



Later this week Filipino Bantamweight John Mak Apolinario (17-2-1, 4) faces Panamanian Robert Vasquez (32-5, 22) for the WBA "Interim" Bantamweight title. For hardcore boxing fans, Vasquez is a familiar fighter having once been the WBA Light Flyweight champion and also the WBA "interim" Flyweight title. However Apolinario is, well, obscure to say the least.

Thankfully despite being almost unknown by the boxing world at large Apolinario has been involved in a bout worthy of weirdboxing.info and rather amazingly it was his most recent bout as he faced Menard Zaragosa (currently 5-9, 3, but then 5-4, 3).

After the second round of bout between Apolinario and Zaragosa, Zaragosa charged from the ring and made a bee line for the toilets. The excellent Philboxing.com reported that Zaragosa "shockingly sprinted faster than Usain Bolt from the ring towards the public restrooms, being disqualified by the referee". (Although boxrec.com have the win down as a 2nd round retirement).

Presumably after just 6 minutes of action Zaragosa realised that he'd "forgot to go" prior to the bout. A rather embarrassing way to lose a fight, however it'd probably be less embarrassing than winning with skid-marks.

Sadly, I like obscure bouts but this appears to have been to obscure for anyone to have caught on film. However if anyone does have it on film and wishes to share it, then let me know (leave a comment, or e-mail )
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