Alexander Petkovic v Cisse Salif



We at weirdboxing expect to see some unusual and stupid bouts but we don't really expect to see some that we feel are are truly corrupt. Sadly however we occasionally get a bout that looks so rottenly officiated that we can't help but question whether or not the bout was on the level.

This bout, from October 2011 featured American based journeyman Cisse Salif facing the German based Serbian Alexander Petkovic. Sadly it wasn't about the fighters it was more about the referee (Manfred Kuechler) who really stole the show as he appeared to royally screw Salif with some thoroughly disgusting decisions that left serious questions over his neutrality.

The bout started pretty evenly with Petkovic landing the better blows in the opening 2 rounds before Salif started to show some more confidence in the 3rd round. Inside the opening minute of the 4th round Salif dropped Petkovic with a beautiful straight and it was obvious that Salif had the power to hurt Petkovic and it wasn't long until Petkovic was down for a second time. Salif let Petkovic off the hook and seemed to allow Petkovic to survive the round.

It was in round 5 that Manfred Kuechler first put himself into the action and took a point from Salif for a shot on the hip. Soon after the point had been taken Petkovic was dropped with a solid body shot, rather than starting a count the referee ruled the blow a low blow, taking a second point from Salif. Petkovic was then dropped from a clear head shot and again the referee warmed Salif threatening a disqualification. It started to seem that anything Salif was landing was punishable as Keuchler swiftly destroyed any semblance of a boxing contest. Sadly it wasn't just a case of Salif getting punished for hitting Petkovic's head but Petkovic's own low blows were being ignored by the referee.

Salif set off in the 6th round to finish Petkovic and dropped him early in the round, Petkovic got straight back up and dropped from another body shot with the referee instantly disqualifying Salif to a loud chorus of boos from the crowd who felt completely ripped off.

Whilst the referee was at the centre of the controversy we also feel the need to point out that controversial promoter Ahmet Öner is in charge of Petkovic's career. Öner was also the promoter when Danny Williams faced Konstantin Airich and has a history of being involved in controversial bouts.

Video below thanks to 5StarFighting
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