Whilst Randall Bailey (43-7-0-1, 37) may now be the IBF Welterweight champion it wasn't that long ago that he was traveling around trying to get his chance to fight for a title. In 2010 Bailey fought twice with both fights taking place in Belgium (you know, that hotbed of pugilism...), in the first he defeated Jackson Osei Bonsu in what was supposed to be an IBF title eliminator. Sadly for Bailey the win over Bonsu didn't get him the expected IBF world title fight, instead he had to return to Belgium to face Moroccan Said Ouali. I have no idea why this fight in particular was in Belgium, but like the first bout it was sold as an IBF title Eliminator.

The bout started well for the hard hitting Bailey who dropped Ouali in the opening round but it was in the second round that controversy struck with a moment that could only be described as bizarre.

Early in the second round Bailey dropped Ouali for the second time in as many rounds. Oauli recovered to his feet hut kept looking towards the corner, little did he know that he would get a better look at the corner just a minute later. For some peculiar reason Bailey picked up his opponent around the knees then appeared to sit him on the corner. It looked like something from the WWE (or TNA if you're that way inclined) though it suddenly got strange as Ouali failed to get his balance and fell straight over the top rope landing on a table outside the ring.

This whole thing lead to the commentator exclaiming "oh wow wow" whilst Oauli's corner team jumped on the canvas and the referee ordered Bailey to a neutral corner. It didn't take long for the bout to be ended via No Contest and Ouali soon ended up ina  neck brace as a precaution. Sadly for Bailey this wasn't an over-the-top Battle R

Following the bout Ouali has gone 1-1, being stopped by Carson Jones in his most recent bout whilst Bailey, as we know claimed the IBF Welterweight title shocking Mike Jones with a peach of uppercut.

Video thanks to PrimeSportBelgium