Ground and Pound aint legal in this sport!



Every so often we stumble on a somewhat obscure bout and feel it belongs on this site for one reason or another. The most recent one that we've seen is from 2009 as the hard hitting Solomon Haumono (15-0-1, 14) took on the novice Royce Sio (1-0, 1).

The bout it's self was in Australia despite the fact neither man was born there. Haumono was born in New Zealand whilst Sio was form Samoa. This however meant there was Tongan's, Samoan's, Australians and probably some Kiwi's all in the crowd. Lets be honest if there are some people you don't wanna piss off, it's the Tongan's and Samoans who are typically strong, powerful people who know how to fight when they need to.

Unfortunately the bout saw Sio forgetting how boxing worked and after dropping Haumono after about 10 of the bout he landed 2 more shots forcing the referee's hand and forcing himself to be disqualified.

Apparently after the bout Sio was rushed out of the venue before the crowd could get their hands on him with the promoter allegedly fearing for Sio's life.

Interestingly both men continue with the sport. Sio would fight just once more, almost 2 years later, dropping a decision to Michael Kirby. Haumono on the other hand continues to fight and earlier this week advanced his record to 21-2-2 (19) thanks to a 3rd round TKO over Brazil's Marcelo Nascimento.

The video of the bout is courtesy of supersmasher99
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