Some fights from boxing folklore seem more like stories that have been made up than something that really happened and this 1989 bout is one such bout. In it Tony Wilson, the former British Light Heavyweight Champion faced the previously unbeaten Steve McCarthy. Going into the bout Wilson, a former Olympian and ABA champion was 16-2 (13), just 1 fight removed from losing his British title to veteran Tom Collins. McCarthy was 9-0-1 (5) and the then reigning Southern Area Light Heavyweight champion who seemed to be heading towards the British title.

Early in the 3rd round McCarthy dropped Wilson and then went hunting for the finish before Wilson could recuperate. The clip below starts as McCarthy unleashes a fearsome onslaught on Wilson with the referee keeping a close eye on the two fighters...and then we get to the real story of the bout.

Although the referee (Adrian Morgan) is looking at the two fighters he notices another person in the ring, a woman holding her shoe. Despite Morgarn's attempt to stop the woman, she manages to land a solid shoe-shot to McCarthy who immediately thinks the fight has been stopped with Wilson's corner man climbing on to the later turned out the woman was Tony Wilson's mother!

It would be fair to assume McCarthy would win by DQ due to the fact he was hit with a shoe by the mother of his opponent...or due to the fact that Wilson's corner man climbed on to the apron. Instead Mrs Wilson was escorted from the ring and McCarthy left the ring whilst getting his shoe-inflicted injury seen to. The referee tried to restart the bout but McCarthy refused to return to the ring and the referee ruled Wilson the winner by 3rd round TKO!

Following this bout McCarthy got a British Light Heavyweight title fight and actually claimed the belt by out pointing Serg Fame over 12 rounds. After claiming the title McCarthy's record tumbled and he retired in 1994 with a record of 12-4-1 (5) which included DQ losses to both Henry Maske and Dariusz Michalczewski. Wilson on the other hand barred his mother from ringside and his career suddenly fell apart with only 3 wins from his next 10 fights before he retired in 1993 with a career ledger of 20-8-1 (16).

The video below can be seen thanks to steveboxer924