When you have two hard hitting Heavyweights in the ring you tend to get one of two things happening in the ring. On one hand you can get a very cautious bout where neither man engages for fear of having their clock cleaned if they make a mistake on the other hand you get a bout that is all aggression as neither man wants to give the other a chance to get into their rhythm.

When Jimmy Thunder (31-7, 31) met Crawford Grimsley (20-1, 18) in early 1997 we had one such bout where we didn't know if they were going to respect each others power or trust themselves to get the job done...it didn't take long to find out in fact it took little more than a punch each for us to know the answer.

Amazingly prior to this bout Grimsley had gone 12 rounds with George Foreman in Japan. Following this bout however Grimsley's career was all but over as he went 2-2-1 in his next 5 bouts before retiring in 2002 with a professional record of 22-4-1 (20). Whilst Thunder himself carried on it was the final highlight of his career as his record started to slide losing 7 of his next 10 before retiring in 2002 with a record of 35-14 (28).

Video for this fight comes thanks to steven76ism