Whilst boxing at it's core is 2 men fighting they are fighting with some rules in place...well usually. This WBA Featherweight title bout between Derrick Gainer and Freddie Norwood from 2000 seems to have been a fight where the referee (Mr Paul Sita) has forgotten that boxing has rules, in fact at the end he seems to have decided to just make up his own rules.

Going into the bout Norwood was the defending WBA Featherweight champion, he was unbeaten going into the bout with an impressive record of 38-0-1 (22) with 6 title defenses and wins over the likes of Juan Manuel Marquez, Takashi Koshimoto, Antonio Cermeno and Agapito Sanchez. Gainer however had been less successful in terms of his record with a ledger of 35-5 (22) which had included losses to Diego Corrales and Kevin Kelley as well as wins over Kelley (in a rematch) and Manuel Medina.

Following this bout Norwood retired before returning to the ring almost 6 years later to win 4 bouts before suffering 2 losses to Johnnie Edwards (including a DQ loss after repeatedly landing low blows). Following the two losses to Edwards many though we'd seen the end of Norwood but he came back in 2009 to out point Jose Celaya and then resurfaced in 2011 to lose to Ray Narh by decision. Currently aged 42 Norwood has a record of 43-4-1 (23).

Gainer on the other hand defended his title 3 times before losing a unification bout to Juan Manuel Marquez in 2003. Gainer would return to the ring 17 months after the loss to Marquez and lose to Chris John in a bout for his old title. He then fought 3 more times over the following 5 and a half half years before hanging up his gloves in 2010 with a record of 42-7-1 (24).

Sita would never referee in a major bout again after this farce which included the most interesting count in boxing history.

This video thanks to Strongboy1770 features highlights from the bout. Note the numerous low blows, a body slam and the count at the end of the bout (which is seriously the most bizarre thing in the whole video).