For boxers being punched in the face is part of the job, for referees however it can be an occupational hazard, just ask the unfortunate Ukrid Sarasas who was laid out by a stray punch back in 2007.

Back in October 2007 a young Japanese Welterweight by the name of Yoshihiro Kamegai was 5-0 (5) and was seen as a genuinely promising hard hitter. He was stepping up to the 10 round distance for the first time in his career as he faced the tough Yashuhiro Kondo (10-4-2, 5). What few expected was that Kamegai would end two careers in the same night.

With around 20 seconds of round 3 left the fighters are separated by Sarasas who takes a sweeping and powerful left hook from Kamegai clean to the side of the head and drops instantly. Although Sarasas tries to recover to his feet he simply can't and eventually falls flat on his face before finally getting up (with assistance) and wobbling over to Kamegai in a neutral corner, and then replaced for the rest of the fight by Vinny Martin.

The following round Kamegai scored a knockout over the correct man, stopping Kondo at the very end (2:59) of round 4.

Following the bout Kondo never returned to the ring, retiring 10-5-2 (5) and Sarasas never returned to referee a bout (as far as we're aware). Kamegai however is seen by some as one of the most promising Welterweights in the world and currently has a record of 21-0 (18) having also made an excellent US debut last year stopping     Hector Munoz in 6 rounds. In fact Kamaegai is currently ranked #11 by the WBA.

The video below (which sadly just shows the events of the knockdown) is courtesy of cmbnoticias