Whilst we doubt we will ever see a referee who handled a bout as badly as Paul Sita handled the now infamous bout between Derrick Gainer and Freddie Norwood we think we have a referee that runs him close. That man was at the centre of one of the most "legendary" bouts of recent times as Danny Williams took on Konstantin Airich.

Going into the bout the then 34 year old Williams was the British Champion and an experienced fighter with a record of 38-6-0-1 (30) from a career that dated back to 1995. Airich however was the home fighter and whilst much less experienced with a record of just 9-0-1 (8) he was seen by promoter Ahmet Oener as a promising Heavyweight prospect who at just 29 had his best years in front of him.

For some reason debuting referee Alfredo Garcia Perez was picked to be the third man in the ring. Despite having been a seasoned referee in the world of amateur boxing poor Perez didn't seem to quite understand the rules of professional boxing and as a result used several "Standing 8 counts" (which are still used in amateur boxing but not in most professional jurisdictions) against Williams. Perez's mistakes then extended further as the tape on William's glove came undone and rather the following procedure Williams was forced to literally yank the trailing tape from his own gloves.

As well as having an almost clueless referee the bout took another weird turn in round 6 as the bell rang after just 79 seconds with Airich in serious trouble with promoter Ahmet Öner being the person responsible.

Whilst both fighters have continued their careers since the bout neither man has really achieved any notable success. Interestingly, from our research, we can only find 1 other bout officiated by Perez following this farce and that was in 2010 in France as talented Frenchman Nadjib Mohammedi stopped Tomas Adamek in 4 rounds for the EBU-EU Light Heavyweight title.

Video below shows the highlights of the bout and is thanks to momocell84

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