Boxing can genuinely be the most unpredictable of sports and can surprise even the most hardcore of fans. This bout from 1988 featuring John Meekins and Mohammad Kawoya may have one of the most memorable endings seen in a ring, yet one that seems to have some how flown under the radar of boxing fans in recent years. It's one of the (very) few time that we can think of where the winner is actually left crawling and struggling to get back to his feet.

Going into the bout the 23 year old Meekins (18-1-2, 11) was expected to defeat the Ugandan Mohammed Kawoya (11-3, 5) with out too many problems and soon afterwards move on to a world title fight. Sadly for Meekins the bout wasn't as straight forward as it was supposed to be and Kawoya, despite being dropped in round 2 fought back hard and actually dropped Meekins in the opening seconds of round 3.

Meekins had gotten up from the knock down and had seemed annoyed at being dropped and swiftly dropped Kawoya again. This knockdown seemed to be the start of the bouts bizarre ending, which saw Meekins close in for the kill trying to get rid of Kawoya quickly. The referee (Paul Venti) aware of Meekins' reputation of being a hard puncher stepped in as soon as Meekins started unleashing a volley of shots on Kawoya. Almost as soon as Venti stepped in to stop the bout Kawoya landed his best shot of the fight that not only dropped Meekins but completely scrambled his senses.

Kawoya started celebrating instantly thinking he had scored a genuine knockout over Meekins though the referee had already ended the bout and went on to award Meekins the win by TKO. A decision that Kawoya and his team seemed rather annoyed by. Later the men agreed to a rematch but Meekins later pulled out and Kawoya retired with out fighting again.

Meekin's would continue to fight and actually beat the legendary Saoul Mamby in his next fight before being stopped by Meldrick Taylor in an IBF Light Welterweight title fight. This was to be the start of the end for Meekins who lost 3 of his following 7 bouts and retired in in 1994 with a record of 24-5-2 (17).

The video below is thanks to supsterjr, if you just wish to see the controversial ending we advise you watch the video from 10:10.
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